Welcome to the Literature/Film Association website, your source for news of the world of film adaptation.

The LFA is dedicated to studying the relationship between literature and film, with particular emphasis on adaptation between these art forms. In the decades since its founding in 1989, the association has expanded toward ever more inclusive senses of intertextuality. We now serve as a premier venue for scholarship related not only to film and literature, but also to television, video games, new media, and other forms of audio-visual culture. The LFA strives to provide an intimate experience at our yearly conferences. Through travel grants and essay awards, we are also invested in nurturing emerging scholars in the field.

LFA is run by an elected council, whose current officers are:


Allen H. Redmon, Texas A&M University Central Texas


Walter Metz, Southern Illinois University


Amanda Konkle, Georgia Southern University-Armstrong


Marton Marko, University of Montana


Peter Kunze, Tulane University

George Larke-Walsh, University of Sunderland

Jack Ryan, Gettysburg College

Ex-Officio Officers

Past President, Marton Marko, University of Montana

Editor, Literature/Film Quarterly, Elsie Walker, Salisbury University

York College Director of LFA, Ian Olney, York College of Pennsylvania

Digital Media and Technology Coordinator, Christopher Althoff, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For more information, please contact us at info@litfilm.org.